Welcome to Bal Vatika

Nurturing Young Minds

Learning through themes: We make learning fun and interactive! Children explore themes based on real-life experiences, making it easier to understand the world around them.

Our expert approach: Our themes are carefully designed by researchers and educators to help young children develop the skills they need to succeed.

The 5 E’s of learning:
  • Engage: We start with hands-on activities that capture interest.
  • Explore: Children get to investigate and discover things for themselves.
  • Explain: We give clear explanations to help them understand what they’ve learned.
  • Expand:We make connections to bigger ideas for deeper learning.
  • Evaluate: We check in to make sure children are grasping the concepts.

Educational Approach

We embrace a child-centric approach that fosters holistic growth – intellectual, social, emotional, and physical. Our curriculum integrates play-based learning with structured educational activities to stimulate young minds.

Learning Through Play

Our curriculum is designed to make learning fun and engaging, utilizing games, storytelling, art, and music to build foundational skills.

Safe and Stimulating Setting

Bal Vatika offers a safe, vibrant, and resource-rich environment where children can explore, discover, and learn.

School Highlights

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